"I'm sleeping on the couch, and not with my husband, so I don't risk infecting him."

 These words spoken by my friend Julie haunted me. Julie is a diabetes educator in a hospital and is working in the midst of the COIVD-19 outbreak.

Julie's story, and other stories from my friends working in hospitals, were the inspiration for the Sacrifice & Light Project. I wanted to provide an outlet for health care workers to share their experiences and pair them with impactful photographs.

Thus, his “Sacrifice & Light” Project was born.

Through video chat, using a Zoom video meeting, I create portraits of health care workers, projected onto hospital scrubs. I combine their image with their stories of positivity that they have witnessed during the outbreak and the sacrifices that they are making during this challenging time.

Because taking photographs in person is not possible, I devised a way to create portraits remotely with Zoom and a projector. The photoshoot itself takes mere minutes to complete.

The image can also be anonymous; the participant can be photographed with a mask on and their identity kept confidential. 

Participants from all over the world are encouraged to participate. Times are provided throughout the day to accommodate people in other time zones. When participants schedule their photoshoot via the link below, they will be asked to provide their stories of “Sacrifice & Light”. The portrait and story are then posted to social media and the subject receives a high-resolution digital file of the final image.

There is no charge for participation in this project. 

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